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Choosing a wedding videographer...
What to do to choose the right wedding videographer in Toronto, GTA

Brides are faced with lots of options when it comes to choosing a videographer for their wedding day. So how can you tell which one will be the right one for you? The first thing you need to do is forget the 5 hour long VHS wedding video many of our parents got for their special day!

Welcome to the new world of wedding and event videography!

You see, at the core, a modern videographer is a storyteller who can capture the essence of a couple’s love story. Forget about what type of cameras, lights or editing software a videographer uses. Many wedding/event videographers are true professionals who possess artistic and technical skills that allow them to capture your special moments in digital video.

Ask them how they will tell your unique story using moving images and sound.

Cameras change everyday. Storytelling is forever. Not everyone tells your story in the same style.

Wedding event videography styles

Common styles range from Documentary wedding video to Cinematic wedding video, and it’s very important to understand the differences so that you choose one and set your expectations accordingly.

Documentary wedding video style is a chronological video presentation, a document of the events as they happen during your wedding day. Many videographers also include/create segments to show the lighter and more fun side of the couple during the day. The editing will produce a polished video of the wedding day and usually they run under 90 minutes in length. This is how most of the videos were created when you parents were getting married.

Cinematic wedding video style is a more elaborate and polished way of capturing and editing wedding day events. It may not necessarily include highlights from all the events of the day. It will rather focus on specific moments that capture the dramatic mood of the day. Some cinematic wedding films can certainly emulate the look and feel of some commercial films. Usually, they run under 30 minutes in total length.

However lines are meant to be crossed, and it’s not uncommon to see documentary style weddings with cinematic sequences. The important thing for you as a bride is to understand the key differences and to be clear on what to expect from your videographers/cinematographers.

So, how do you choose the right videographer for you?

Some of the basic points to consider are whether you feel that the videographer has not only the skills but also the right personality for your wedding. People skills are always important in any job. After all, you are “inviting” him/her to be around you and your husband for most of your wedding day. In some cases, couples go out for dinner with their videographers before their wedding day in order to get to know each other and create a comfort zone. But at the very least, look for a videographer who listens to your desires and provides positive feedback and realistic promises.

Your goal is to be confident that his or her expertise and artistic sensibility can give you a special video/film of your wedding day that you and your husband will treasure for years to come.

Once you have decided that you would like to hire a videographer/cinematographer for your wedding day, you need to do your research. Ask to watch some of your friends’ wedding videos, pick up a Bridal magazine, attend a Bridal show, ask around, and do an Internet research. You can visit wedding videographers' websites and watch examples of their videos. You know what you like, so let your instincts guide you. Just don’t go for the first company that you come across. Compare not only styles, but also expertise and costs. You don’t need to get a second mortgage to afford a gifted videographer/cinematographer.

Once you decide on a videographer, make sure that you are both clear on what exactly is included on the package: how many hours of coverage, how many cameras, how many edited copies will be delivered, etc. Get the details in writing, including cost. It is a standard request for a videographer to ask for a booking deposit when you hire him or her. Final payment is usually due when edited DVDs are delivered. Make sure you and your videographer are clear on the expectations.

Hiring the right people provides you with peace of mind. Knowing that you are surrounded by professionals who will help you achieve your dreams takes one worry away so that you can just enjoy your special day.

Fandango Video Productions works hard to ensure our wedding and event videography fits your specific needs and leaves you deeply satisfied. Check out our Affordable Wedding Videography Prices, view our video gallery below, and call us at 416.894.7226. You’ll be happy you did.

We provide wedding videographers for weddings not only in Toronto, but Etobicoke, Mississauga, Whitby, Pickering, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, North York and other areas around GTA .

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